Shared Hosting by AvaHost – Everything you need to know about this plan and its features

In the world of web development and internet business, hosting plays a crucial role. In this article, our team of experts will tell you about the concept of Shared Hosting and its significance for your online presence. Specifically, we want to introduce a new hosting plan that we have updated in the AvaHost service lineup.
Shared Hosting, also known as shared virtual hosting, is a form of web hosting where multiple clients share the same physical server and its resources. This means that server resources, such as CPU time, RAM, disk space, and bandwidth, are distributed among different users.

Benefits of Shared Hosting

1. Cost-effective: Shared Hosting is the most affordable hosting option. It allows small and medium-sized businesses, personal blogs, and startups to obtain reliable web space without significant investments.

2. Easy management: AvaHost experts take care of server setup, security, and updates. This allows you to focus on creating and developing your website.

3. Scalability: If needed, you can easily upgrade your hosting plan to a more powerful one to meet the growing needs of your web project.

Shared Hosting Usage

Shared Hosting is suitable for a wide range of web projects, such as:

Personal blogs and websites: If you want to start your blog, share your thoughts, or showcase your hobbies, Shared Hosting is a perfect fit for you.
Small businesses: Online stores, service websites, restaurants, and other small businesses can operate successfully on Shared Hosting.
Portfolio websites: If you need a compact website to present information about yourself or your company, shared hosting is an excellent choice.
Updated Hosting Plans from AvaHost

AvaHost has established itself in the hosting services market, evident from its longstanding presence. However, with our global update, we’ve decided to refresh our hosting plans. Today, we are presenting several upgraded plans to you, along with detailing their advantages:


We are proud to announce the launch of our new plan, Virtual Hosting Mini. This plan stands as one of the most budget-friendly options in our lineup, while still offering robust resources and significant potential for a successful online presence.

This plan is available at the price of 1.99 Euros per month. And if you choose to pay for this server for 12 months, we automatically grant you a 15% discount, reducing the cost to just 1.69 Euros.

Here are the features included in the Virtual Hosting Mini plan:

5 GB NVMe storage
Bandwidth Unmetered
Ability to link 2 domain names and 5 subdomains
cPanel control panel
5 MySQL databases
Free SSL certificate
24/7 support

We have also updated the Virtual Hosting Impulse plan. This plan falls in the mid-budget range within our lineup, but it offers significantly more powerful resources.

This plan is available at the price of 5.99 Euros per month. And if you choose to pay for this server for 12 months, we automatically grant you a 15% discount, reducing the cost to just 5.09 Euros.

Here are the features included in the Virtual Hosting Impulse plan:

20 GB NVMe storage
200 GB of monthly traffic
Ability to link 5 domain names and 20 subdomains
20 MySQL databases
Free SSL certificate
24/7 support
Web Elite

The Virtual Hosting Web Elite plan is a premium option within the Shared Hosting lineup. It’s a robust and high-performance plan suitable for more complex web presence needs. This plan is available at the price of 14.99 Euros per month. However, when you choose to pay for this server for 12 months, you’ll automatically receive a 15% discount, reducing the cost to only 12.74 Euros.

Here are the features included in the Virtual Hosting Web Elite plan:

100 GB NVMe storage
1 TB of monthly traffic
Ability to link an unlimited number of domain names and subdomains
Unlimited MySQL databases
Free SSL certificate
24/7 support
And this is just a portion of our updated plans.

You’ll find more plans and additional details on our website page:

Shared Hosting at AvaHost is your opportunity to acquire reliable and functional web space without significant costs. The new pricing plans will broaden the horizons of possibilities for a successful online presence. Whether you’re a novice blogger, a small business owner, or in need of a compact portfolio website, Shared Hosting at AvaHost is the perfect solution for you.

In the realm of web development and online entrepreneurship, the role of hosting is paramount. AvaHost has been a trusted name in the hosting services market, with a proven track record over many years. With our recent comprehensive updates, we’ve not only reaffirmed our presence but also enhanced the hosting experience for our valued users.

In the realm of web development and online entrepreneurship, the role of hosting is paramount. AvaHost has been a trusted name in the hosting services market, with a proven track record over many years. With our recent comprehensive updates, we’ve not only reaffirmed our presence but also enhanced the hosting experience for our valued users.

Our array of new and upgraded plans cater to diverse needs and budgets. From the cost-effective yet resourceful Virtual Hosting Mini plan to the powerful and premium Virtual Hosting Web Elite plan, we’ve tailored options to match your requirements. And let’s not forget the convenient discounts for annual subscriptions, ensuring that you receive top-tier hosting at the best value.

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the blogosphere, steering a small business towards a global audience, or crafting a sleek portfolio site, Shared Hosting in AvaHost is the strategic choice that aligns with your aspirations. Join us in this exciting journey as we redefine hosting excellence and empower your online endeavors.

Business Journey: SEO Online Marketing Techniques

What is SEO online marketing?
SEO is among the hottest marketing strategies on the market, and for good reason — it’s extremely powerful. Even though the outcomes of SEO take a couple of months to kick in, it’s well worth the wait.

When your website ranks highly in search engines, it is going to yield more clicks from users. The more clicks you receive, the more people look over your website, and the more they study your site, the greater opportunity they have to locate a product or service that interests them.

Not just that, but if your website ranks highly, you’ll notice an uptick in conversions and earnings.

SEO online marketing combines on-page and off-page strategies that operate together to find the task done.

Reasons SEO online marketing has the ability to change your business Once and for All
It is no secret that SEO is an efficient way to market your business. It permits you to attract leads right to your website, which means increased revenue for your company — no matter your business.

The significance of online SEO is obvious, but let us get into the nitty-gritty of why it’s one of the best online marketing approaches on the market.

1. A lot of people search in Google every minute
When you employ online SEO into your marketing strategy, you’re essentially marketing your business to thousands of people — 67 million every second to be precise.

When you use SEO to advertise your products and services, you make your business offerings available to an expansive consumer base, which gives you a higher chance of attracting interested customers and making more conversions.

Without SEO, it is unlikely your target audience will ever see your site, let alone purchase your merchandise.

2. A Good Deal of people discount paid advertisements
Although a few paid ads provide a great way to advertise your business, nearly 80 percent of users dismiss paid ads that appear in search results.

That usually means you’ve got a higher chance of someone clicking on your website if it shows up organically in search. Ranking organically means that your site shows up as a consequence below the paid advertisements on a page. You don’t have to pay just one penny to appear in search results organically, however, you need a strong search engine optimization campaign.

3. Companies implement SEO over
If you would like to keep ahead of your competition, SEO is essential. In reality, 61 percent of companies said that their main priority for 2018 was to grow their SEO campaigns.

That is a high percentage, which means if you do not opt for an SEO campaign, your business will probably fall behind in the hunt. Your business will become overshadowed by companies that don’t have SEO, so it’s extremely important to get a strong campaign set up.

4. SEO boosts conversions
Compared to conventional marketing, the conversion rate of SEO is very significant.

Traditional marketing strategies typically observe a conversion rate of 1.7 percent, while SEO supplies a conversion rate of 14.6 percent. That’s a huge gap and perfectly illustrates why SEO is one of the greatest marketing approaches on the market.

5. Local SEO is tremendously powerful
If you are a local business, SEO is something that you should increase your marketing strategy certainly.
After customers create a local business search, 88 percent of them are going to call or visit the business that they discovered and chose within 24 hours.

The catch is, you must show up highly in search engines for local searchers to locate one, and the only way to do so is to implement a strong local search engine optimization strategy.

Can you really do SEO online marketing by yourself?
Like we mentioned before, there’s both on-page and off-page SEO, and they both play huge roles in the success of your effort.

Many people wonder if SEO is an in-house approach, and we are here to give you the answer.
One individual could manage an SEO campaign, but you must be prepared to put in a lot of work to observe the results you desire.

SEO isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it plan, rather you have to keep up with the numerous demands of the plan. Exactly what exactly do we mean? Read on to learn about keeping up with your SEO campaign and planning a successful SEO strategy.

1. Continuous keyword research
Keywords are the cornerstone of any search engine optimization campaign because they’re the building blocks of content. Finding the right keywords is so significant since it determines the sort of content you’ll write, and ultimately, how you’re rank in Google.

By way of example, if you choose keywords that have plenty of competition and a high search volume, it’s unlikely you’ll rank for this keyword. However, if you select keywords that have a high search volume rather than a great deal of competition, you’ll have a better chance at ranking.

2. Consistent content creation
The more content you write, the more keywords you can target, and the more keywords you aim for, the more opportunities you’ll need to show up in search engine results to your target audience.

Content production is one of the most important, if not the most important part of any SEO strategy. After all, content is exactly what rankings, so it just makes sense that you need to have a solid content strategy in place.

3. Continuing monitoring
When you employ a strategy on your website, it is crucial that you monitor its success, and SEO is no exception to the rule.

When you opt for a continuous strategy like SEO, you’ll need to keep an eye on it at all times to guarantee that it’s working properly.

The Significance of Focusing in Web Development for Your Business

According to the Digital 2019 report, a typical person spends hours and 42 minutes online every day. This is currently exacerbated as we live in a’new standard’ because of the COVID-19 outbreak where we’re pushed more than to rely on the internet for entertainment, education, occupation, and livelihood amongst others.

With everyone based on the internet due to their access to necessities and supplies (i.e., food, appliances, medicines, clothes, along with other products and services), website development has become more critical to any business’ success. Website development is one of the ways to ensure the achievement of your business by informing people of merchandise and services your business offers, getting to understand your own (possible) clients better, and understanding how to increase your product and support farther.

Site or web development solutions include construction, creating, and maintaining sites. It includes aspects such as web design, web publishing, internet programming, web content creation, and database management. And you certainly want to choose a top website development business and UI design adviser.

Having an online presence is no more an option for businesses; it is a necessity! Here are a lot of the reasons why companies Will Need to invest in web development services:

Growing Access
It enables businesses to be accessible at any time of the day. It provides space for everybody to access the information that they want when they need it. Whenever you make your site accessible, you are also providing equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities to utilize your site and engage with your business so that your website can be used by anyone and everyone.

Whenever clients need to understand something about the business, obtaining a contact form, a live chat, an choice to remark, or a telephone number is a step towards them, which increases the potential for sealing the agreement.

Proving Credibility and Reliability
It enables effective communication with customers. Interacting and participating with customers shows the business is worried in their pride and is responsive to their requirements. Individuals prefer to transact with a business with their own websites as it gives them security and assurance.

Expanding Reach
It assists businesses to expand their reach by bringing possible customers or leads. Through site development, testimonies about your product/service will probably be available. These details help earn the trust and confidence of possible customers in the future.

A correctly designed website can help build an audience, goal market client bases, and quickly return your investments. Your site conversion rate can multiply by 200-400 percent if your webpage is well-designed, with a company like Blue Whale Media, also has a functional, responsive interface.

Ensuring Good Content
People will determine how you are going to manage them by taking a look at your website. Your platform supports them with feedback on how you view your viewers. If you don’t put any effort into designing your site, your audience understands you’re not going to make a bid to help them out.

Your website is similar to a worker of consumer care. If your website is bright, modern, and inviting, it is going to make your audience feel much more welcome. You’ll give the impression that you’re open to new people visiting your site, and welcome them.

Maintaining Brand
Identity Ensuring effective internet development helps safeguard business’ brand identity. It averts surrendering control of your business’ brand to a third party website and their advertisements. Moreover, owning a domain name is essential to a business, brand, and online presence as it builds your brand and makes individuals more inclined to participate with your business’ website.

Increasing Traffic
Proper internet development means a fully optimized site which plays a vital role in attracting valuable search engine visitors. Folks are necessarily still searching for information using keyword searches in Google and other search engines. Implementing the ideal keyword phrases and topics on your website will help people find your site.

Website traffic is a significant indicator and driver of business growth and really helps businesses to determine the return on investment, and gather insights about your customers and contributes to make informed decisions.

Improving the Business Further
Through discussion with clients and prospects, website development helps improve product/service and create compelling sales and marketing strategies. It analyzes website information and information accurately to assist the business make conclusions.

In case your site appears outdated or unattractive, your audience will have an immediate bad impression. They will not appeal to your website, which will deter them from your page. You’re going to miss out on leads since they are likely to leave your page to a rival’s page.

Web design is essential since it impacts how your audience perceives your brand. You may make an impression on them to remain on your page and find out about your business or depart from your page and turn to a rival. Good web design will allow you to keep the leads on your own webpage.

The very best method to make sure proper website design practices (and afterward, the search engine) is to partner with a reliable web design agency.

It’s very important to note that the internet keeps evolving, and creating innovative ways to market businesses on the internet is tough. What is trending today may not be trending tomorrow. The key to any successful business is staying, unique, and useful. Investing in successful web development services is imperative for companies.v